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Hanne&Joels winterwedding

When they first contacted me, I knew that this wedding would be great. Even though they decided to get married in november - the saddest month in Norway.. But I think they brightened it up for many of us :) The atmosphere around them is just wonderful. So full of joy, love and humor. Take a look at the engagement shoot we did early in the summer, here

And, yeah; btw. I´m writing english. One of the challenges I have given myself for 2017. My english has been dead since I was about 15.. So, this is absolutely to go outside of my comfort-zone. But that is also where we grow.. so that´s kind of the reason why I am doing it. And of course to reach out to many more out there :) 

ENJOY this wedding! It was amazing.

Preparation groom: Clarion Air, Sola.
Preparation bride: Randaberg
Ceremony: Vardeneset Kirke
Portraits: Egenes, Ølberg
Wedding venue: Solastranden Gård.





"If you want something to last forever
you treat it differently.

You shield and protect it.
You never abuse it.
You don´t expose it to the elements.
You don´t make it common or ordinary.
If it ever becomes tarnished,
you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new.

It becomes special
because you made it so,
and it grows more beautiful and precious
as time goes by."

- F. Burton Howard

Foreberedelser: Hans og Grete
Vielse: Time Kyrkje
Portretter: Sola, Ølberg
Fest: Strandhuset, Ølberg